I survived my newborn

A lot of people told me that babies grow up way too fast and that I should savour it and that my newborn baby will soon be crawling, walking and then running away from me as fast as they can and I would respond by smiling and nodding my head silently- not really believing anything they said.. But holy crap… They were right.

My baby is now nearly 6 months and it’s hard to believe that I survived the newborn months relatively unscathed.

Believe you and me there were days when I thought I would never go to the bathroom again, when getting into the shower were the best days ever and getting out of my pjs was like the best thing I’d accomplish in life and eating with my husband was like winning the lottery. but for the most part- I thoroughly enjoyed and am still enjoying motherhood.

Upon reflection my survival hinged on a couple of things 

1. I kept it simple. I never went out of my way to complicate my days in the initial couple of weeks. I tried my very best not to live by ‘I should’ and instead took everything as suggestions. I went out for a walk if i could and wanted to, I got out of my pyjamas when the day allowed me to, I happily sat in front of the couch and accepted that tv might just be my bestest friend for the next couple of hours. 

2. I went to mothers group. If there was one thing ‘I should do’ it was mothers group. The support provided just being around other women who were going through something similar as you was comforting. It was also a nice social outing. If one is lucky you could also make a friend out of it which is nice especially if your social group doesn’t have a lot of moms and kids yet. 

3. I tried to dress up or at least put make up on once a week. Just to feel pretty again. Sometimes dressing up meant just brushing my hair. Hahah 

4. I ate everything and anything I wanted without guilt. 

5. Online shopping was great retail therapy! Even if I started shopping for myself and came out with nothing for myself – it was nice to just still be able to buy stuff. Lol 

6. Get whatsapp and ask all your friends to get on it as well. It makes the time go by quicker when you’re stuck on the couch with your baby at least you can still talk to your friends! 

7. Take lots of photos of your baby. And spend countless hours just staring and looking at him/her coz however hard the day is, a smile from that beautiful bundle sort of makes up for those not so great days. 

8. Be honest with yourself that if the above doesn’t make you feel good then that’s ok too and sometimes your baby will piss you off and that’s perfectly fine… It shall pass too 🙂 

Sleepily yours 


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