Pleased to meet your acquaintance

I never thought I would find myself writing a blog yet here I am at 230 in the morning penning my first ever post. 

I’m not sure what I’m going to write about- I imagine whatever comes to my baby adled brain. In my mind I wanted to write about my own experiences of being a new mum in Melbourne and also about other mums who I meet in Melbourne but I just can’t guarantee that won’t change over time- I’m hoping this will just be an organic blog about things that are relevant to me and that is somehow relatable to other people. If I could somehow make 1 person go ‘oh good I’m not the only one going through that’ I would be pretty happy. 

Right now baby abs ( who is nearly 5 months) and I are battling through sleep. It’s every new parents obsession don’t you think? I lose sleep thinking about how to get him to sleep better which is ironic because I need sleep to help him sleep. I go back and forth in questioning my approach to attachment parenting and have told myself that our current co-sleeping arrangement is temporary (ha!). In desperate times I curse my lack of will power to do controlled crying but when he goes down without fuss- I am glowing with pride that I have not let him cry. The struggle is real with sleep.. Gone are the days where i laughed at the thought of going to bed early and would waste precious hours not sleeping. My best accessory is my sunglasses to hide the telltale signs of sleep deprivation and when I can a concealer .. If i manage and even remember to put it on! 

And then there’s the lucky ones.. Those mums who swear their kids sleep through the night. I would be lying if I said I didn’t curse them occasionally or look at their kid to spy if any voodoo magic had been placed ( I have also resorted to rubbing the arms of these babies or their mothers in the hope that some of sleep luck would befall me- I’m still waiting). Mostly i just tell myself that they are the exception and I am the rule and that sooner or later baby abs will sleep on his own and once that happens I will find something else to worry and lose sleep about. 

Sleepily yours 


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